The DSH 431 is an ultra-lightweight, comfortable lapel microphone for communication between technical sports staff (coaches, analysts, doctors…).


  • Coaching


High-quality Sennheiser lavalier microphone


Very discreet, no micro-boom in front of the mouth

Freedom of movement

Extremely stable headphones, whether you’re running or on the move


No pressure around the ear, no discomfort


Total freedom of movement

Why choose this professional tie mircro?

If you’re in the sports business, or in another professional field as a trainer or analyst, then this professional micro tie is probably for you. Indeed, with a proven track record of quality, this equipment is renowned for its quality, enabling all professionals in the world of sport and other professional fields to intervene at any time. What’s more, although considered a standard tie microphone, this professional tie microphone can be adapted to any situation, depending on your professional activity.

What other professional micro ties are available?

For excellent audio quality, it’s always a good idea to opt for a professionally-recognized lapel microphone, such as the PHO 531 high-quality lapel microphone with in-ear headset or the PHO 431 high-quality lapel microphone with in-ear headset.

Technical specifications

  • Microphone: Sennheiser ME2-II lapel microphone
  • Microphone type: omnidirectional
  • Frequency response: 30 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Headphones: low impedance for high output volume