The EN 352-2 and 352-6 certified StarCom solution combines hearing protection moulded to your ear, with acoustic filtration adapted to your environment, with the VOKKERO SEN423 boom microphone.

It offers you optimum communication quality via our VOKKERO GUARDIAN full duplex communication system in noisy environments above 92 dB.

Comfort and hearing protection

The hearing protection is manufactured in 3D Crylit from a scan of your ear impressions by the COTRAL laboratory. You’ll benefit from comfortable, easy-to-use custom protection, while optimizing your communication with the VOKKERO GUARDIAN.


The ear with only the hearing protector (without the micro-pole) preserves its ability to easily hear its environment.

Noise attenuation

The VOKKERO boom microphone can be connected on the right or left, and is suitable for all types of use and noises not exceeding 100 dB in Lex 8h. 2 levels of noise attenuation are available.

Technical specifications

  • Certified to EN 352-2 and 352-6
  • Acoustic filter levels: SNR 21/28 with enhanced high-frequency attenuation
  • Micro boom protection weight: 12g
  • Microphone: unidirectional, for improved voice perception
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Custom-molded earplugs not included