Perfectly compatible with our VOKKERO GUARDIAN communication system, the BoomMic solution allows you to be protected from noise while communicating hands-free with your team. But above all, the combination of ELACIN noise filter and VOKKERO ensures clear, reliable communication in the noisiest environments. The earphones are adaptable for both left and right ears. ELACIN RC protectors are made from soft, lightweight material and are easy to insert and remove.


Elacin RC BoomMic highlights

EN 352-2 and 352-6 certification


The convenience of custom protection (Elacin RC)


Equipped with noise-cancelling microphone

Audio quality

High-quality sound reproduction

Noise attenuation

Optimal speech intelligibility (for sender and receiver) thanks to reduced background noise


Preserves signal hearing thanks to flat attenuation

No isolation

Prevents the feeling of being cut off from your environment

Noise filter

Wide selection of 8 acoustic filters for different noise levels


Prevents excessive attenuation

Technical specifications

  • Hands-free system
  • Patented integrated noise filter
  • Intuitive operation, no fixed installation required
  • Instant, continuous communication (full duplex)
  • Secure communication (encryption)
  • Easy to use, no fixed installation required
  • Lightweight (190g), robust and waterproof (IP54) terminal
  • Custom-molded earplugs not included