VOKKERO SHOW – Loader and configurator

Configure your VOKKERO SHOW radio communication system with its intuitive touch screen.


  • Shows.
  • Events.
  • Audiovisual productions.


Quick and intuitive configuration of VOKKERO SHOW intercoms

Radio & audio presets

Change radio and audio presets (rigging, live, studio)


Changing frequencies

Voice Priority mode

Voice Priority” mode can be activated by the director

Digital encryption

Enable or disable encryption

Easy access

Easy access to options and features


Possibility of charging batteries only

Lockable touch screen

Configurator touchscreen lock with access code

Software update

Software update

Technical specifications

  • Touch screen
  • GUARDIAN terminal recharging: max. 4-hour charge
  • Mains power supply (via 12V charger)
  • AC/DC power converter (standard) 100 to 240V – 12VDC/5A – 50/60Hz (simultaneous charging of up to 10 terminals)
  • AC/DC power converter (extended system) 100 to 240V – 12 VDC/6.67A – 50/60Hz (simultaneous charging of more than 10 terminals)
  • Operating temperature : -5°C / +40°C
  • Configurator/loader dimensions: 337 x 95 x 58 mm
  • Extension dimensions: 216 x 95 x 58 mm
  • Configurator/loader weight: 470 g
  • Extension weight: 310 g