The VOKKERO IP solution connects an unlimited number of teams equipped with VOKKERO GUARDIAN radio terminals to a supervision station (on-site or remote) for supervision/control purposes. It uses the existing on-site IP network to transmit audio between the control room and other work sites.


  • Nuclear power plants
  • Noisy industries
  • Industrial sites


Audio supervision of an unlimited number of jobsites (even noisy ones)

Sensitive areas

Designed for communication in sensitive and high-risk areas

Audio transmission

Audio transmission between teams via secure IP protocol


Sturdy, easy-to-transport worksite case

Power supply

Can be powered by mains or Ethernet cable (POE)


Call button to alert supervisor on case


Touch-screen console


1 touch-screen console for supervisor (IP audio decoder/encoder);1 worksite case (IP);1 GUARDIAN WIRELESS INTERFACE integrated into case;1 IP audio encoder/decoder integrated into case;indoor use;

Highlights desk

Allows audio monitoring of an unlimited number of worksites (even noisy ones);Well-designed for audio communication in sensitive and risky areas;Audio transmission from supervisor to operators via secure IP protocol;Possibility of connecting a second console for double supervision or redundancy;User-friendly supervisor interface with touchscreen;Can be powered by mains or Power-Over-Ethernet;

Technical specifications

  • Technical specifications
    Voltage: 220Vac nom.
  • Maximum power consumption: 16A
  • Fuse: 5x20mm 2.5A time-delay, 250V a.c.
  • Operating temperature : -0°C / +40°C
  • Dimensions: 37x34x23cm
  • Weight: 6.40 kg
  • Use: Indoors
  • Technical specifications
    Voltage: 4V DC
  • Maximum current consumption: 120mA
  • Power supply: main or POE
  • Operating temperature : -0°C / +40°C
  • Dimensions: 25x15x10cm
  • Weight: 1.10 kg