A new use for video

Our video solutions

Our video solutions are essential tools for assistance, analysis and decision-making. They facilitate and enrich interaction between the key players in a sporting, musical or cultural event.

Elite Sport Video solution

VOGOSPORT ELITE is a live & replay video system dedicated to professional referees, which adapts to the specifications of each sport and each match configuration (e.g. VAR remote, decentralized, etc.).

Elite Sport Video solution

The VOGOSPORT PULSE is a “second screen” video solution designed to enhance the in-stadium experience of spectators at televised sporting events.

Elite Sport Video solution

VOGOSPORT STAFF is a live & replay video system dedicated to medical teams and sports staff. Easy to use, intuitive and ergonomic, it provides doctors, trainers, video analysts and other staff with a decision-making tool they can use independently.

Sport Video solution

The VOGOSCOPE UNITY, by integrating solutions for capturing and broadcasting live video images, provides referees with an invaluable decision-making tool, and contributes to the fairness of sporting matches.

Audiovisual Video solution

VOGOLIVE PULSE is a solution dedicated to enriching the experience of your spectators inside the event venue, broadcasting video and audio streams of the show in real time, for a total and unprecedented immersion.

Sport Video solution

View video streams of sporting events and training sessions at all levels. VOGOSCOPE STAFF offers a host of live & replay viewing, analysis and data-sharing functions.

Sport Video solution

The VOGOSCOPE PULSE is an interactive and immersive solution that considerably enriches the fan experience by letting the “spec’actor” control our match cameras. An intense experience to increase your fan base.

Flawless refereeing decisions

Maximize the fairness of refereeing decisions to guarantee top-quality sporting events.

An innovative coaching tool

Accompanying medical and sports staff and their teams to victory.

the Fans experience

Immerse spectators in the action and make them actors in the event.

A solution for everyone
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Solutions for referees

Offer mobility, autonomy and efficiency to professional and amateur referees.

Solutions for sports staff

Analyze player performance and provide personalized support.

Solutions for medical teams

Assist physicians in their roles of medical supervision, suspicion and diagnosis of injuries.

Solutions for fans and spectators

Offering immersive solutions for fans and spectators both on and off the pitch.

Business Cases
VOKKERO ELITE, the audio communication system developed by referees, for referees
Solutions for referees

Almost 3 years after its launch, the VOKKERO ELITE audio communication solution continues to conquer the world. Marketed for the first time in 2020, VOKKERO ELITE is the result of a period of intense work and investment. Designed by referees for referees, it has already been adopted by 90% of soccer federations.

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