BFM TV uses VOKKERO SHOW intercom for its technical teams!

Through its NEXTPROD entity, ALTICE MEDIA offers the VOKKERO SHOW for BFM TV’s technical teams.

The customer

Altice France is a key player in the telecoms and media sectors in France. Its iconic RMC and BFM brands make Altice France the3rd largest private media group in France.

Together with NEXTPROD, a specialist in audiovisual production, they manage the technical side of the BFM TV channel.

The brief

With ALTICEMEDIA, NEXTPROD needed to establish links between cameramen and reporters for BFM TV’s evening and live event coverage.

The deployed solution

We deployed the VOKKERO SHOW solution within NEXTPROD’s technical teams, to enable wireless communication that was quick and easy to set up, while still being able to create groups for BFM TV’s external uses (outdoor multicam sets, DSNG, etc.).

We asked Pierre Grattepanche, Head of Operations at NEXPROD, to give us his feedback on the implementation and use of the VOKKERO SHOW solution.

A few examples of use…




For the New Year’s Eve party at the Moulin Rouge, we configured our VOKKERO SHOW solution according to NEXTPROD criteria: video link and audio link with Codec in a VOKKERO WI to three VOKKERO SHOW intercoms for the technicians and one intercom for the reporter.

Using Group mode :

  • Group 0 with the WI => the reporter with an N-1 and coordination with the control room.
  • Group 1 => for the technicians, so that they can also receive the N-1 and the coordinator, and talk to each other without disturbing the reporter.
  • If necessary, the technician could switch to group 0 to answer directly to the control room, when the duplex was not on the air.

The evening at Cirque Gruss was transmitted by DNSG (satellite transmission van) and coordinated by VSAT (satellite communication network).

The configuration of the VOKKERO SHOW solution was identical at the Moulin Rouge: video link and audio link with Codec in a VOKKERO WI to three VOKKERO SHOW intercoms for the technicians and one intercom for the reporter.

During an exercise organized for the July 14th parade in Bitche, Moselle, with snipers from the 16th Bataillon de Chasseurs à Pied on board zodiacs, NEXTPROD teams wanted to be able to communicate in complete safety with noise-canceling headphones.


Pierre Grattepanche comments on the result.

Effective range

“The VOKKERO SHOW’s advertised range of 1.2 km is effective and uninterrupted”.


“We were able to set up a link enabling the whole team to receive instructions from a director or from coordination, while allowing them to communicate with each other in the field. All we needed was WI and intercoms”.

Ease of use

“The VOKKERO SHOW solution is simple to set up and use. No need for a computer, antenna, splitter or base. With VOKKERO SHOW, a small suitcase is enough to carry the whole solution. Configuration is very simple, and a technician can be trained to use it very quickly”.

“We particularly appreciate the VOKKERO SHOW solution for its simplicity and speed of implementation. In our opinion, this is the most suitable solution for simple networks in the field”.

Pierre Grattepanche,
Operations Manager

The solutions we use

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VOKKERO SHOW is a stand-alone wireless intercom system designed for audiovisual productions and live events.