Bouygues Construction puts safety first

Bouygues Construction has integrated our VOKKERO GUARDIAN radio communication systems into its equipment fleet management for reasons of safety and ergonomics.

The brief

At Bouygues Construction, managing an equipment depot (purchase, overhaul, dispatch to worksites) involves a great deal of handling; handling carried out by forklift trucks or tower cranes. Teams need to be able to communicate easily with each other during these handling operations.

The deployed solution

But the portable systems previously tested by Bouygues Construction were not satisfactory:

  • Time wasted on handling
  • Lack of attention on the part of an employee more preoccupied with pressing a button than with the maneuver in progress.

This led Bouygues Construction to look for a suitable communication system to meet a single objective: to have both hands available when handling materials, for safety reasons (ergonomics, 100% employee attention during handling operations). Full-scale tests of the VOKKERO system were carried out for a week, in outdoor and indoor environments, on a handling site comprising two cranes and a paint booth. As a result, VOKKERO kits have been purchased and will now be offered for hire on Bouygues Construction sites, initially for testing and to define a standard kit for use on construction sites, with a view to subsequent deployment.

Unlike competing products, the VOKKERO communication system did not suffer any interruptions in transmission or reception. Communication is clear, as the VOKKERO system ensures good filtration of ancillary noises (opening/closing doors, paint booth fans, interior enclosure, etc.). The VOKKERO system was adopted by the handling teams in just a few days. We had to get used to the radio system again. Last but not least, the full duplex aspect of the VOKKERO system meets our initial objective of having both hands free at all times and being able to interrupt an employee at any time during a handling operation, instantly.

Olivier Lancelevee,
Operations Workshop Manager

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