NRL selects VOGOSPORT STAFF as video assistance solution for HIA protocol

Player health is a priority for rugby authorities, who are introducing digital tools to help doctors detect concussions.

The customer

The Ligue Nationale de Rugby – LNR – is the institution responsible for the management and development of professional rugby in France. In particular, it manages the Top14 and Pro-D2 championships, and is the EPCR’s main contact for European Cup matches (Champions Cup and Challenge Cup) played in France.

The brief

To meet World Rugby’s requirements for the protection of players’ health, the NRL is setting up a video solution to assist medical teams with concussion – HIA protocols.

The deployed solution

Since the 2016-2017 season, VOGO has equipped all Top14 and Pro-D2 stadiums with its live & replay video solution for match doctors, team doctors and SVMs (medical video supervisors). They use 2 dedicated terminals, whose functionalities have been specifically developed for their needs: a hardened tablet at the edge of the pitch gives them access to all the camera feeds filming the match. In this way, they can tag shocks and review them from the most relevant angle, in slow motion or frame by frame, and decide whether a concussion has occurred or whether there is a risk of concussion.

In the latter case, the player is taken off the pitch and taken to the HIA room, where he is attended to by the doctor, who applies the HIA protocol defined by World Rugby: questions, physical tests, 12 minutes to decide whether the player can return to play.

At the end of the match, VOGO uploads all the video streams to a Cloud dedicated to the NRL, a huge match archive, which enables medical follow-up of the files. The Cloud is also an invaluable tool for club video analysts, marketing teams and the NRL’s refereeing and disciplinary committees.

The result

The field-side tablet

The match doctor watches the impact between the players and observes their reactions as they stand up, to detect signs of concussion.

The screen in the HIA room

When the match doctor tags an action, it is shared on the VOGOSPORT screen in the HIA room, making it easy to view during a protocol in progress.

Intuitive and ergonomic

The VOGOSPORT STAFF interface enables users to operate completely autonomously, with minimal training, even before the match.

We met the VOGO team in 2016 via their fan solution. We then worked in close partnership to develop the functionalities of the video solution dedicated to doctors for rugby concussion protocols.

Bernard Dusfour,
Chairman of the NRL Medical Commission

The solutions we use

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Elite Sport Video solution

VOGOSPORT STAFF is a live & replay video system dedicated to medical teams and sports staff. Easy to use, intuitive and ergonomic, it provides doctors, trainers, video analysts and other staff with a decision-making tool they can use independently.