VOGO equips the European Handball Federation with its VIDEO REPLAY solution for the men’s and women’s EUROS 2024 and 2026

VOGO strengthens its Taas (Technology as a service) offering with the signing of a 4-year contract with the EUROS handball club.

The client

The European Handball Federation is the governing body of all European handball organizations, i.e. 50 national federations and 2 associated federations. It was founded on November 17, 1991 in Berlin. Its headquarters are in Vienna, Austria.

The brief

The European Handball Federation needed to deploy a complete refeering solution, combining video replay and audio communication systems for the men’s and women’s Champions League matches and the EURO championships in 2024 and 2026.

They chose the VOGO ELITE BUNDLE solution.

The deployed solution

The VOGO ELITE BUNDLE solution combines the VOKKERO ELITE audio communication and VOGOSPORT ELITE video replay solutions.

For the Champions League starting in September 2023, VOGO has equipped the 32 clubs selected across Europe: from Denmark to Macedonia, via Poland and Spain.

Arenas are primarily equipped with a permanently installed solution, except for clubs that relocate part of their matches, which are provided with a mobile kit. Referees are equipped with a VOKKERO ELITE audio system which, thanks to its noise filter, enables them to communicate with complete peace of mind. On the pitch, a VOGOSPORT tablet enables them to review actions from all TV camera angles, and validate their refereeing decisions.

For Euro 2024, VOGO and the EHF have deployed a more sophisticated solution, replacing the pitch-side tablet with 3 touch screens:

  • The first is operated by a VOGO’s Replay Operator.
  • The second is dedicated to the video assistant referee.
  • The third one duplicates the images for the on-field referees to facilitate their decision-making.

VOGO also provided a goal-line solution, installing special cameras in the goal post to film the ball entering inside it.

The EHF also needed the set up of goal cameras replicating the goal-line technology used in football combined with mini cameras monitoring the team substitution areas.

The result

A tailor-made solution

The VOGO ELITE BUNDLE solution was implemented on the basis of required specifications from the EHF. The Federation opted for a complete system combining audio and video.

Easy to use

VOGO worked closely with the Federation to train the field referees. They were taught how to use the VOGOSPORT ELITE tablet.

A single provider

By combining its audio and video solutions, VOGO is a one-stop shop for the Federation, providing technical support for the entire VOGO ELITE BUNDLE solution.

“The European Handball Federation is excited about this long-term partnership with VOGO for the biggest European handball stage, Men’s and Women’s EHF EUROs. The cooperation includes four upcoming EHF EUROs, and we are sure that together with VOGO we will develop the competition and bring the video refereeing system to a higher level”.

Martin Hausleitner,
secrétaire général de l’EHF

The solutions we use

Discover the solutions used in this case study

Elite Sport Solution audio

VOKKERO ELITE, world leader in audio communication systems for sports refereeing.

Elite Sport Combined solution

The VOGO ELITE BUNDLE combines our proprietary and patented audio & video solutions. Dedicated to top-level sports referees, it guarantees rapid, high-performance set-up, optimal, synergistic operation of the refereeing audio and video channels, and supervision by a single point of contact for the competition organizer.