VOKKERO GUARDIAN at FRANKI Fondation: freedom of movement and safety of the field teams!

Back to the Grand Paris Express construction site, Metro Line 18, Palaiseau-Saclay.

The customer

French leader in deep foundation work, FRANKI Fondation offers a complete range of piles, supports and soil reinforcement techniques.

The pile is made using a hollow shaft auger screwed into the ground without any significant soil extraction. The auger is then extracted from the ground without unscrewing, while concrete is simultaneously injected through the auger’s hollow shaft.

The reinforcing cage is then installed.

The brief

The auger-drilling team consists of four people. Three of them operate on different machines such as drill, shovel and concrete pump.

The co-activity between pedestrians and worksite vehicules are dangerous situations that lead to the stoppage of the production (estimated time in blind spots = 27 min per day) and sometimes collisions.

Communication is difficult and imprecise: horns honking, shouting, gestures, stress, misunderstanding.

The deployed solution

We deployed VOKKERO GUARDIAN equipment on the auger-drilling team to enable clear, instant communication. In this type of environment, the noise of machines can reach 100 decibels.

The coverage provided by the VOKKERO GUARDIAN is also a major advantage for drill, shovel and concrete pump operators, who are sometimes several hundred meters apart.

The result

Hearing protection and clear communication

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN‘s noise filter ensures clear, intelligible communication between the field teams.

The teams can choose their hearing protections between a wide range of headsets and earpieces to meet their needs.

Enhanced safety

Machine movement and lifting manoeuvres are now safe thanks to a constant communication, as if the teams were right next to each other.

Productivity improvement

The clear, fast and instantaneous communication enabled by the full-duplex functionality of the VOKKERO GUARDIAN system has improved the productivity of work teams, thanks to instantaneous exchanges that limit movement.

Thierry Bertin,
Site manager

« The 1st benefit of the VOKKERO GUARDIAN is team cohesion, and the 2nd is safety. We communicate without gesturing. It gives us freedom to work, while remaining safe ».

FRANKI Fondation, finalist of the MASE AWARDS Ile-de-France Normandie Centre 2023

“Communication within a team is a vector for risk prevention.

Since 2021, Fayat Fondations has been using a communication tool to put team members in constant contact with each other in noisy environments.

This approach was a finalist of the MASE AWARDS Ile-de-France Normandie Centre 2023″.

Silvan Daubin, QSE Director at FAYAT Fondation

The solutions we use

Discover the solutions used in this case study

Industry Solution audio

Dedicated to field teams on industrial sites and activities.

Industry Solution audio

Reference: PEL 433. Noise cancelation headset for team communiciation in environments with high ambient noise.