20/20 for Vokkero Squadra

As a Referee Trainer within the French Basketball Federation, I see two possible uses for Vokkero® Squadra:
• Its use for refereeing purposes during matches. 
• And its use in the context of actual training, on training camps/courses or at preparation tournaments.

Vokkero® Squadra’s advantages during matches are undeniable: it brings the refereeing team (3 persons) effectiveness and credibility and saves time when making decisions and resolving problems, as well as discretion and stronger links among the trio itself. “The fact of having this audio link means that we can reduce visual contact and concentrate on the game […]. This link is crucial because we communicate a great deal non-verbally. My colleagues know live what has been put right and the reasons and can react live themselves if they so wish.

From my point of view, the Vokkero® Squadra intercom system can also be used in the context of training, between a coach and his/her referees. Using the Squadra system, the coach is in constant contact with his 2, 3 referees and gives them information live, which enables them to make better decisions and ensures they are aware of their weaknesses, and their strengths. Thanks to Squadra, referees trained in this way no longer have to wait to the end of the match to debrief with the video tool since they receive advice live. The fact of correcting certain mistakes live saves considerable time and makes progress easier all round.

Generally, if I have to rate Vokkero® Squadra I’d give it 20/20 because I only have positive things to say about it.

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