A first with VOGO SPORT and E-sport!

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On the weekend of 2nd/3rd of June will be another great first for VOGO: Occitanie E-Sport, organized jointly by the ESL and Montpellier Events at Sud de France Aréna, Montpellier, France.

This represents an opportunity for VOGO to bring its solution to the world of e-sport, which is developing very quickly and is particularly eager to adopt technological innovations.

What is E-sport? The video game is only perceived as entertainment for the young population, but since fifteen years the competitions of games become fully professional.

This E-sport show week-end is made of two parts, the main stage with the legendary “League Of Legends” game and the LAN Party. A total of 500 players compete on Fortnite, Hearthstone and Dragon Ball Z games and could further qualify for the finals.

The Occitanie Esport is the major E-sport event in the south of France. A VOGO booth will be set up to aware spectators on the VOGO SPORT application added-value that enrich the E-sport competitions experience.

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