Accessories end of life

In order to offer a range of products that are even more adapted to the needs of our VOKKERO customers, we stop the commercialization of GUARDIAN accessories listed before. 

The VOKKERO extension-adapters, allowing the use of the PEL 420, PEL 430 and PEL 440 commercial headsets with GUARDIAN terminals, are of course kept in range (respectively PRO 452, PRO 453 and PRO 454).


  • End of commercialization31/08/2018

Our customers interested in a last order of these accessories headsets are invited to contact their commercial contact by this date.

  • Last ship date24/12/2018

  • End of Technical Support24/12/2020

Recommended replacement products:

  • BAD 410 => RTS 410

  • BAD 420 => RTS 420

  • PEL 420 => PEL 431

  • PEL 430 => PEL 431 (same headset but neckband version)

  • PEL 440 => PEL 441 (same headset but neckband version)


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