ATEX: TELESPAZIO selected Vokkero systems at the Guiana Space Centre (GSC)

As part of its telecommunications activities at the Guiana Space Centre, on behalf of the National Centre for Space Studies and Arianespace, Telespazio France, supplier of high value-added satellite services and applications, has chosen the Vokkero Guardian communication system.

This article will detail how the customer uses our system during the different phases of the satellite launch procedure, along with testimonials and quotes.


Cédric CLERE, Telespazio technician Phonie&Radio: “It was the only system worldwide to perfectly meet all our specifications“, which included:

  • Full Duplex communication
  • Minimum 6 people at the same time speaking
  • Noise Filtering of the air in protective suits (diving suit)
  • ATEX Certification
  • Possible connection with another intercom system
  • Communication Encryptions
  • IP54
  • Small footprint
  • Easy of use

“Our goal is to ensure professional communication; an order must be understood quickly without having to repeat it.”In addition to the specifications filled in, having an ATEX system allowed us to provide a single off-the-shelf system that meets all the base’s needs and thus mutualise costs. Thanks to Vokkero proposal, we have cutted the cost of replacing the equipment by 2!”


How do they use our equipment?

“In order to make users’ work easier and more comfortable, the WI Guardian (wireless interface to connect mobile terminals to a wired intercom) has been configurated to be the conference master, all the mobile radios are interchangeable and only the on/off and volume buttons are active. The suitcases are ready to use anytime, and we can connect the WI to our intercom system so that users can communicate with the entire site if necessary.”


The Vokkero Guardian system is used in several phases of a launch procedure for all the space launchers such as Ariane 5, Vega and Soyouz.


  1.            Satellite preparation

Just after the arrival at the CSG, the general status of the satellites must be checked in a clean room. Before the Vokkero system was set up, the customers had no other choice than to use a wall intercom to communicate with their manager and/or technical support staff located in an office adjoining the clean room. Today they have 8 terminals at their disposal and they can communicate freely.

“Satellite customers save time and improve efficiency because they can stay focused on their tasks rather than having to travel to communicate via a wall intercom.”


  1.            Satellite propellant filling

Once the status of the satellite is validated, it is moved into another buildings to fill it with fuel (gasoline) and oxidant (oxygen) called “propellants”. As the products are extremely dangerous, the propellants are manipulated in a fully protection suit. The Vokkero system enables the operators to communicate each other but also, via the WI Guardian, with the remote control centre. In this centre is gathered all the emergency response teams that provide technical information and monitor their environment (pollution level of the room, possible leaks…).

“We were very surprised to maintain a clear communication, with no interruptions despite the very loud noise surrounding the operators. The noise filter provides us an undeniable comfort.”


  1.            Rocket’s nose cone installation

This is the last operation before the transfer of the launcher to the launch area. All teams must use ATEX equipment beyond a certain proximity to the satellite and the launcher. The ATEX-certified Vokkero radiocommunication system allows the teams to discuss with the operation’s manager and the backup manager located in a remote office.

“Technically, the system enables the operators to carry out their work. Without a communication system it would be extremely complicated, if not impossible. In terms of safety of the people working on site, this is indispensable. In addition, we save time and we are more efficient.”

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