ATEX zones, SEVESO sites: using your radio communication system safely

Critical intervention areas par excellence, ATEX zones and SEVESO classified factories require adequate work equipment. One watchword: safety. In this respect, the communication system should not be neglected, because the cohesion of the intervention team and its efficiency are based in large part on effective communication.

Choose an ATEX certified radio communication system

Response teams in ATEX and SEVESO zones are mobile teams working in dangerous areas where there is no room for error. An instruction must be understood without having to repeat it. Therefore, it is necessary to use professional radio communication equipment that is easy to use, light, reliable and above all hands-free. Users can be equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as suits, ventilated suits, breathing masks etc. Communication must be permanent and clear in order to ensure the transmission of information in all circumstances, instantaneously, even during a sensitive operation.

The VOKKERO ATEX certified professional walkie-talkie system responds to these problems by operating in full-duplex: the microphones are permanently open, and everyone can speak at any time. No manipulation is required when speaking, this high performance walkie-talkie is completely hands-free. The unlimited number of users allows the system to be deployed on large-scale operations, while maintaining a single, instantaneous conference. The patented noise filter filters the signal to allow only the human voice to pass through: the information received is “crystal-clear”.

Radiocommunication ATEX

For example, if several teams are working together at the same time, the GUARDIAN ATEX VOKKERO full-duplex professional walkie talkie offers the possibility to create sub-groups for discussion. This way, each person communicates only with their direct collaborators, with the option for those in charge of the intervention to communicate/hear the entire audio conference or to address a dedicated group.

The GUARDIAN ATEX VOKKERO professional walkie-talkie is ATEX certified Gas: Zone 1/Group IIC; Dust: Zone 21/Group IIIC. This information allows potential users to verify that they can use their VOKKERO system in the area of operation.
This professional audio equipment is equipped with a hardened digital encryption system that secures exchanges with an AES-128 key, and guarantees absolute confidentiality.

Radiocommunication ATEX

Choose radio communication accessories adapted to interventions in sensitive areas

As we have said, interventions in ATEX zones (sites classified as SEVESO, for example) are synonymous with the wearing of PPE: ventilated, self-contained or scuba-type suits, breathing masks, etc. This Personal Protective Equipment therefore limits the wearing of radio communication accessories. A headset with a boom is not recommended when the operator’s mouth is covered, as it is more difficult to pick up sound and could compromise the proper conduct of the operation. Similarly, a conventional headset would be too bulky to fit under a suit.
VOKKERO offers a range of ATEX certified communication accessories for the industry, to be used in combination with the VOKKERO GARDIAN ATEX certified professional walkie talkie: micro-earphones, lightweight headsets…

The VOKKERO ATEX certified in-ear microphones (SEN 490) are professional audio equipment that are compatible with PPE. The earpieces fit into the operator’s ear canals. One of the earpieces integrates the microphone, the other the earphone. The space requirement is minimal and can be easily slipped under all types of PPE. The established radio communication is reliable, hands-free, and suitable for sensitive areas. The risk of misunderstandings is considerably reduced, and intervention times are optimized.

Radiocommunication ATEX

When working in noisy ATEX areas, it is necessary to protect the hearing of employees without cutting them off from their environment – all while complying with the requirements for ATEX certified equipment. The VOKKERO PEL 490 ATEX headset is the ideal solution. Its flexible sealing rings are filled with foam and liquid for optimized sound insulation. The sound reproduction is designed to be as accurate as possible to ensure the proper transmission of information. Teams can work safely in a noisy environment: all their professional radio communication equipment is compatible with interventions in ATEX zones. Their hearing is protected, and the communication established between teams is reliable, comfortable and of high quality.

Our recommendation for safe radio communication in ATEX zones

Interventions in ATEX areas require professional ATEX certified audio equipment from A to Z. We recommend the GUARDIAN ATEX(1) kit: a complete kit for a totally safe radio communication system.
The GUARDIAN ATEX kit consists of 2 to 8 GUARDIAN ATEX full-duplex professional walkie talkies, a configurator charger and a reinforced waterproof case. ATEX certified accessories can be added upon request.

The trick: having an ATEX certified system allows to bring a single system on the shelf that can meet all the needs of a company and thus mutualize the costs.
With VOKKERO, some customers have divided the cost of replacing equipment by 2!

(1) It is imperative to validate beforehand the compatibility of the certification of the VOKKERO radio terminals and their accessories with the intervention zones in which you will use them.

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