Carrying out railway maintenance operations using radio communication

Radio communication systems are an integral part of railway works operators’ equipment. Radio communication enables crew members to stay in touch with each other as well as with the control centre. Rail maintenance operations can be monitored instantly thanks to radio equipment, and safety is guaranteed because a good communication tool minimises the risk of problems or accidents.

Railway work and safety: choose the best radio communication system on the market

Railway maintenance operations must be carried out efficiently to minimise disruption to traffic on the tracks. Several operators are involved in this type of railway work, and they need to be interconnected to monitor the progress of operations, despite the ambient noise.

Finding the source of the fault, discussing the repair processes to be put in place, choosing the parts and tools to be used to carry out the work, warning of imminent dangers… All these actions need to be shared instantly with the entire team in charge of the rail maintenance operation. VOKKERO has addressed this issue and come up with a radio communication system tailored to railway work, ensuring optimum safety.

VOKKERO’s GUARDIAN STANDARD walkie-talkie is a radio communication system for creating a conference within a railway maintenance team. The system is full-duplex. Operators can communicate instantly, hands-free and continuously: no need to press a button to share or receive information. They can therefore concentrate on their current missions, while talking and listening to discussions on the monitoring of operations.

The GUARDIAN STANDARD radio communication system is simple to install and use. To program them, simply place them on the VOKKERO charger-configurator. A particularly useful feature for urgent rail maintenance operations.

VOKKERO walkie-talkies feature a patented noise filter that eliminates unwanted noise to protect operators and limit external interference. As a result, discussions flow smoothly and each crew member can follow the progress of operations instantly. A radio communication system is therefore an invaluable ally for efficient rail maintenance operations carried out as quickly as possible.

Good to know: in France, the SNCF uses the VOKKERO radio communication system for its rail works. This has enabled them to considerably improve the productivity of their operators and the efficiency of their missions.

Adopt radio communication accessories for safe rail maintenance operations

Intra-crew communication is not the only priority when carrying out railway work; preserving the health of operators is essential. The use of extremely noisy tools and equipment during operations requires professional quality protective equipment to protect hearing. For this type of work, headsets are not recommended, with the exception of noise-cancelling headsets, as they do not offer maximum protection against ambient noise.

Given the need to protect operators’ hearing, VOKKERO offers earmuffs for railway maintenance work. Active noise-cancelling headsets detect all noises, reducing loud sounds and increasing quieter ones. Operators can adjust the sound of the headphones using the “+” and “-” buttons, so they can listen to their own sounds without being cut off from the outside world.

The high level of protection provided by railway noise protection helmets is the result of their optimised design. They feature shells with high acoustic attenuation, and flexible sealing rings filled with foam and liquid. Environmental noise is always transmitted through the helmet to ensure communication and safety.

VOKKERO’s active noise-cancelling helmets fit in perfectly with other protective equipment worn by railway workers. They are compatible with helmets and goggles. They provide a degree of comfort for long-term use during railway maintenance operations, but are very heavy to wear on a daily basis. The neckband of the anti-noise work helmets has also been specially designed to avoid hampering operators’ movements.

The helmets are connected to the GUARDIAN STANDARD radio communication system and have a noise-cancelling directional microphone. As a result, communication is clear and reliable while guaranteeing the hearing health of the teams. With the noise filter, team-mates no longer need to shout to communicate.

Safe rail maintenance operations and radio communication: our recommendation

SNCF railway maintenance operators particularly appreciate VOKKERO’s radio communication system and active noise-cancelling headsets, because they enable them to monitor work instantly and optimally.

If you also want to carry out railway maintenance operations in complete safety, VOKKERO offers its ALPHA hands-free radio communication kit, comprising :

  • 4 GUARDIAN STANDARD wireless radio terminals
  • 4 noise-cancelling, active-listening work helmets
  • 1 configurator-charger
  • And spare accessories for the headsets and radio terminals.

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