CASE STUDY Stade Toulousain

The emblematic French rugby club

Stade Toulousain represents the cradle of rugby in France, an emblematic bearer of sporting values in the country.

The most richly titled French and European club with an unequalled trophy room:

  • 19 times French champions
  • 4 times European champions

A unique model based on economic independence. Stade Toulousain is owner of its infrastructures, notably the Ernest Wallon stadium which can host 20.000 spectators.

The best known rugby club in France: 77% of spontaneous recognition.

An ambition: become THE reference in rugby worldwide.


A brand strategy built around a strong digital presence

  • 331 fans on social networks**

Including :

  • 509 2036 followers sur Facebook
  • 271 000 followers sur Twitter
  • 74 100 followers sur Instagram


The digitale strategy

In August 2016, the Ernest Wallon stadium became the first 100% connected rugby stadium in Europe. Stade Toulousain aimed to develop a mobile application as a real accompaniment, enabling its fans to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Propose one-stop shopping interface for Club supporters
  • Develop Fan Entertainment levers for spectators
  • Provide innovative services during matches, to rejuvenate the viewing public and optimize presence on match days


The Stade Toulousain application

The official Stade Toulousain application aims to offer an editorial content which is accessible to all, but also instadium elements to enrich and fluidify the spectator experience on match days:

  • Tickets
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Live & Replay


The solution 

The VOGO SPORT solution is integrated under SDK into the official Stade Toulousain app, representing the Live & Replay element, accessible in-stadium.

VOGO SPORT has enriched the ST app with new functions:

  • LIVE multicamera
  • Replay
  • Slow motion
  • Zoom

Spectators at the Ernest Wallon stadium can fully enjoy the sporting event with optimal visual comfort.

BONUS: Possibility of communicating new content to spectators: Club info, player lists, interviews, statistics, behind the scenes information, content from partner brands…


VOGO SPORT, technological partner of ST

We are the first TOP 14 club to include VOGO SPORT into our application. This brings a true added value to the ‘’supporter experience”, as they become actors in their event.

Vincent Bonnet, Marketing Director of Stade Toulousain.


Advantages offered by Vogo Sport

For Stade Toulousain

  • An innovative image for the Club by offering an enriched ‘fan experience’ to spectators on match days
  • Collection of CRM data, enriching understanding of the client
  • A marketing lever for partner brands of the Club

For the spectators

  • A new experience within the club
  • Optimal visual comfort
  • An enriched event with exclusive content

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