Distribution agreement with TAPAGES & NOCTURNES

For sound recording, post-production, transmission, engineering and maintenance, Tapages & Noctures has become an essential contributor to the events and entertainment field: 
• Tapages provides both rental and sales of sound recording equipment(feature films and broadcasting) and of postproduction equipment.
• & Noctures covers the entire communication domain for an audiovisual, industrial and institutional client-base: intercoms, radio communication, codecs and inserts, satellite communication, etc.

Since the month of February, TAPAGES & NOCTURES has been distributing our VOK-SHOW range, both by rental and sales; this range is dedicated to the events and entertainment professionals.

TAPAGES & NOCTURNES, who are convinced by the inherent features and advantages of our broadcasting and events solution, considers Vokkero as “the key in the full duplex wireless industry” (see the article of the same name published on SONOVISION).

Besides the user benefits of our radio communication for broadcasting and events range, TAPAGES & NOCTURNES highlights our Wireless Interface that provides technical equipment with a real advantage, for production or for recording. In fact, when equipped with a fixed or remote antenna, our WI – or Wireless Interface – perfectly satisfies the requirements of all mobile equipment (control room, lighting, implementation, etc.) that really requires full duplex communication (instant speech recording) and is hands free, while remaining constantly connected with the control room, which eliminates wiring, connection and especially communication issues.

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