Division I Men’s NCAA Tournament

Vokkero® is the open- mic instant crew communication system used at the highest levels of soccer. Vokkero® is used by the likes of FIFA, UEFA, EPL, MLS, and CONCACAF. This NCAA tournament usage marks the first significant usage at the highest levels of the College game in the US.

Referees’ that used the system in the first rounds were glowing about how the Vokkero® helps them manage games. Referee Brian Dunn, had this to say about one of the first round matches he worked, “The system worked well for us, as we had two incidents behind my back that were given to me over the headsets without the AR’s having to push a button. We were able to deal with it immediately, efficiently, and correctly.”

NCAA Coordinator of Soccer Officiating, Ryan Cigich, offered the following statement, “The Vokkero® system was used in the NCAA Division 1 Men’s tournament Women’s College Cup, and proved to be extremely beneficial to the referees in the overall game management”.

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