FISE – The biggest Extreme Sports event in the world

FISE World Montpellier: the biggest Extreme Sports event in the world

600 000 spectators over 5 days, on the banks of the Lez in Montpellier

  • 3rd largest French sports gathering after the Tour de France and the Vendée Globe
  • 1 800 international athletes in 6 Extreme Sports disciplines
  • 25 different competitions in skateboard, roller, BMX, mountain bike and wakeboard
  • An international event with editions in Croatia, Canada, United States, China and Malaysia


The FISE, an event that federates the Millenials

A strong digital presence: 388 488 followers


The FISE challenge

The FISE events take place along 1.5km on the banks of the river Lez. 70% of the public at previous editions reported a problem of visual comfort.

In 2017, the FISE created an application to accompany its public throughout the 5 day event: registration, programme, news… integrating the possibility, via an innovative service, to follow every event, no matter where you are on the site…

*Internal Survey


Using VOGO SPORT innovation

The FISE integrated VOGO SPORT on SDK into the event application, enabling the public to enjoy functions that optimize the spectator experience:

  • Live access to cameras filming all the events
  • Replay to review an action
  • Slow motion and zoom to see an action in detail

VOGO SPORT also offers an ultra-high performance technical platform for distributing video content to a geographically dense number of spectators, including highlights of previous events, interviews with riders, etc.


FISE & VOGO SPORT: a win-win partnership

The FISE hired out the VOGO SPORT solution during the event.

The FISE and VOGO jointly marketed promotional spaces within the application to brands which communicated via their logo or a dedicated content flow..


Advantages for partner brands 

  • An innovative image and amplified visibility through a new digital service
  • Communication targeted at an audience, the Millenials, difficult to approach via traditional media
  • Significant media returns


FISE & VOGO SPORT: 2 international ambassadors for their territory

This partnership represents a driving force in digital sports innovation

Hervé André-Benoît, President of the FISE aims to: “invite spectators on an extraordinary and connected experience (…), enable the public to admire slow motion views of the riders’ best figures through the Montpellier based VOGO SPORT application (…) and bring the FISE as close as possible to the requirements of the visiting public”.


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