Football ! A first for VOGO with Allianz Riviera Stadium and OGC Nice club

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VOGO is teaming up with Allianz Riviera Stadium and the Ligue 1 OGC Nice football club to bring a mobile video solution to spectators in the event venue.

The connected stadium is continuing its pioneering search for digital innovations. Already equipped with 467 HD Wi-Fi terminals, deployed by Cisco, enabling 10 000 simultaneous high-speed connections, the Allianz Riviera is further enriching spectator experience notably through the integration of a Live & Replay by VOGO module into its application.

VOGO SPORT technology is thus enhancing the functionalities of the new Allianz Riviera application.

With this second screen technology, spectators take control of the match they are watching. The service operates exclusively through the Allianz Riviera’s HD Wi-Fi connection, offering unprecedented visual content. Live & Replay by VOGO offers live views of game actions from several angles. Spectators can zoom, replay and freeze frame on an image, a technical gesture, a phase of action or a goal.
An isolated camera also invites users behind the scenes, giving fans access to special views and moments, such as the arrival of the players into the stadium from the dressing rooms.

Another first at the Allianz Riviera: once open, the Live & Replay by VOGO module operates in the background of the spectators’ phones or tablets. They can therefore use other services on the phone and return to the application for specific images from the match at any time.

Available on iOS and Android, the service will be inaugurated on Sunday 17th December for the match between OGC Nice and Girondins de Bordeaux at 5pm. This new version of the Allianz Riviera application offers a real added value to the digital experience enjoyed by fans of OGC Nice, and responds to the evolving behaviour of consumers of sporting and cultural events.

How to use ‘Live & Replay’ by VOGO at the Allianz Riviera:
o Download the Allianz Riviera application
o Connect to the Allianz Riviera HD Wi-Fi
o Open the ‘Live & Replay’ module and enjoy!


Discover the new app. Allianz Riviera with the VOGO Live & Replay module.

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