French Football Ligue 1 DFCO club with VOGO SPORT

A new team and a new service for the season with DFCO football club and VOGO SPORT.


Missed goals, opportunities, technical movements, crazy breakthroughs… Do not miss anything and review all the actions of the game on demand, live and instantly from the stadium thanks to the VOGO SPORT device…

It is henceforth possible at “Gaston Gérard” stadium with the French football ligue 1 DFCO (Dijon Football Côte-d’Or) club.

Indeed, the DFCO integrates again the VOGO SPORT system within its application for home matches during the new sport season 2018-2019. Dijon football club is willing to offer an additional service to the existing ones by offering to fans and   other “Gaston-Gérard” stadium spectators, free access to VOGO SPORT live & replay multicam video system, to enrich the match experience while feeling the atmosphere and stakes of the encounters.

Let’s meet us this evening, Saturday 18 August 8pm at the stadium for the 1st home match of DFCO against Nantes club. DFCO is “hot” after its crazy winning game last week at Montpellier for the first season match. Thus, we should expect a nice match in few hours. And even better with VOGO SPORT on hands to watch the best live actions from the stadium, zoom-in and analyse the match from several angles of view in slow motion, with family and friends.

VOGO SPORT with French football Ligue 1 DFCO club


The VOGO SPORT screen which is integrated within the DFCO application is only available in the “Gaston-Gérard” stadium for club matches, by connecting to the Wifi stadium “StadeDeDijon-Public”. The club application is downloadable on iOS and Google Play platforms.

Do you attend the game tonight or other DFCO home games?
We give you some “tips” to optimize your handling of the VOGO SPORT user-friendly interface.


-> VOGO SPORT on the DFCO cub website (entry only in French version)

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