Industry, construction: how to communicate effectively in a noisy environment?

Working in a noisy environment (industry, construction, military) without protection or adapted communication systems has a strong impact on the quality of interventions. Misunderstandings, misunderstandings and loss of time become habitual, not to mention the individual consequences: concentration problems, fatigue, irritation, stress… Under these conditions, it is essential to provide appropriate professional radio communication solutions.

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN STANDARD, a full-duplex walkie-talkie for industry

The construction, railway maintenance, heavy industry and aerospace sectors are among the most exposed to noise pollution, whether it is occasional or permanent, indoors or outdoors. The operation of construction equipment, such as jackhammers, demolition robots… as well as engines, cooling systems, foundries and other activities in heavy industry produce noise pollution that is impossible to avoid and difficult to reduce.

To meet the needs of operators in noisy industrial environments, VOKKERO offers its professional full-duplex walkie-talkie communication equipment GUARDIAN STANDARD. Its robust design and its long autonomy (up to 12 hours) make it a communication system adapted to the most extreme environments. It has many features particularly useful for team radio communication in noisy industrial environments, including its patented noise filter.

This is a VOKKERO innovation, which detects surrounding noise to allow only the human voice to pass. The information communicated in full-duplex is clear and reliable, free of interference. An essential technology in a sound environment.

This technology, combined with a full-duplex operation (microphone permanently open) allows to create an instant conference with an unlimited number of users, where each one can transmit and receive information without any manipulation required. The hands are completely free: the operator can act and communicate simultaneously, gaining in reactivity and speed of intervention. Even better, the GUARDIAN STANDARD full-duplex professional walkie talkie is a Bluetooth compatible radio communication system and can therefore accommodate external devices and smartphones within the audio conference. Convenient when you need to communicate with employees located in remote sites.

Radiocommunication BTP

Confidentiality is also a must in the industrial sector, thanks to hardened digital encryption. Radio communications are secured by an AES 128 key, eliminating the risk of interference and guaranteeing industrial secrecy.

Protecting hearing and improving communications in industrial environments: VOKKERO accessories

In a noisy environment, in addition to opting for a reliable and efficient professional radio communication system, protecting the hearing of operators is a key issue. However, most hearing protection solutions isolate the operator from his entire environment: colleagues, managers and warning signals included. This is a real problem when working in a team or in a risky environment.

VOKKERO professional headsets are real alternatives to traditional hearing protection. The flexible, foam- and liquid-filled sealing rings effectively attenuate noise. The integrated microphone makes it a communicating headset system that allows a permanent, full-duplex connection with the outside world, without exposure to harmful noise. Hands-free, this radio communication construction systems allows to gain significantly in team cohesion and to reduce the necessary intervention time.

On construction sites or during railway maintenance operations, noise can be both loud and sudden. The VOKKERO active listening earmuffs are equipped with a Volume-Active function, particularly advantageous in these situations.
Operators can hear ambient noises and conversations, while being protected from sudden noises at harmful volumes by their professional noise-canceling headsets thanks to immediate attenuation.

There are also lighter-weight microear models designed to be fitted with custom molded ear muffs (MAP). Some companies are obliged to provide equipment certified PICB (Individual Protector against Noise). Ultra-robust because it is designed for industry, the VOKKERO micro-ear with hearing protection includes a noise-cancelling microphone and a foam protection against wind. The quality of communications is guaranteed in all circumstances by this professional audio equipment, and the operator’s hearing is effectively protected.

Radiocommunication BTP

Choosing the right communication equipment for a noisy environment: our recommendation

Each industrial situation has its own professional audio equipment to protect against noise.

  • In critical industries (nuclear, aerospace, military…) the VOKKERO GUARDIAN PLUS full-duplex professional walkie talkie offers reinforced digital encryption. Alternatively, the VOKKERO GUARDIAN STANDARD full-duplex professional walkie talkie is perfectly suited for all professionals in industry and services.
  • For optimal acoustic protection, we recommend the noise-canceling headset PELTOR TACTICAL XP (adaptable to construction helmets) whose Volume-Active function regulates in real time the volume received, blocking sudden and harmful noises, or, the lightweight headsets with Molded Hearing Protection offering a light protection, adapted to the ears of your employees, safe and comfortable.

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