Is having a team communication solution in the industry a requirement?

Industries are confronted with many issues everyday depending on their activity. Operator and facility safety, extreme environments, noise pollution, delicate handling, risks of fatal accidents… The stakes are high, leaving no place for secondary considerations. Why should you be interested in team communication solutions when the priority is to ensure the safe conduct of operations? An overview of the benefits of industrial radio communication equipment.


Flowing industrial operations and gaining productivity through team communication

Radiocommunication dans l'industrie

The entire challenge of industrial operations is to carry out a manipulation while respecting a set of constraints. Whether it is handling, rescue or safety operations, in a nuclear environment, railway or on construction sites, all these manipulations depend on the good coordination of the teams.

Therefore, a professional radio communication system ensures the transmission of information in real time and the smooth running of procedures, saving considerable time and efficiency. Each operator is instantly aware of the position and progress of his colleagues, and can adapt his behavior accordingly.

Radio communication equipment dedicated to industrial applications is to be preferred: information transmission must be guaranteed over long distances, even in the presence of obstacles (buildings, thick walls, elevator shafts…). A clear and intelligible audio quality is essential, especially in noisy environments. The VOKKERO radio terminals have a patented noise filter that allows only the voice to pass through, and suppresses surrounding noise. Their robust design and their integrated long-life battery (12 hours) are guarantees of reliable team communication, serving industrial activity.

The industrial radio equipment VOKKERO encrypts data (AES-128 encryption) to fully secure communications. There is no risk of any leak of sensitive information or disruption by other radio equipment.

Ensuring team safety with industrial radio communication systems

Radiocommunication ferroviaire

Operator safety is the priority in sensitive industrial operations. Professional radio communication accessories can help maintain optimal safety by facilitating communications in the event of an alert or delicate handling.

The health and well-being of people in noisy environments can be enhanced by these same accessories with integrated hearing protection and noise-canceling headsets. Some combine advanced acoustic protection and wireless communication systems in wireless radio communicating earmuffs. The optimized shell design of VOKKERO headsets protects the health of crews. VOKKERO professional wireless radio terminals and noise-canceling headsets require no handling, completely hands-free, and therefore do not impede operators’ movements. Are you hesitating between an in-ear headset and a headset? Discover our advice to choose the hands-free radio communication system adapted to your activity.

Compatible with all PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), VOKKERO professional radio communication devices adapt to different work environments and are easily attached to different suits, suits, breathing apparatus, and other work equipment. The hands-free system ensures that the operator’s work is not interrupted or disrupted and that important information is transmitted smoothly, without compromising safety regulations. Full-duplex operation and multi-channel management provide flexibility in managing user groups, which is particularly appreciated by team leaders and safety managers. They can set up their wireless radio system to give each other communication priority in the event of an alert or emergency.


Radio communication solutions for industry: our recommendation

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN STANDARD, PLUS or ATEX range of professional radio communication systems perfectly meets the constraints of noisy industry. Each kit can be composed of 2 to 8 users (or even more), an intuitive charger/configurator, the accessories of one’s choice, all supplied in a reinforced waterproof carrying case.


The ATEX certified VOKKERO range is particularly suitable for industrial applications in sensitive environments. We recommend the use of the GUARDIAN ATEX kit, a complete kit composed of 2 to 8 full duplex walkie talkies.

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