June 2020: Malik SAYADI joins the VOKKERO team as Business Developer Sport

9 years ago, Malik worked for the VOKKERO brand, within the Adeunis group, and particularly on the sale of the VOKKERO SQUADRA and the development of the GUARDIAN range.

Now Malik will work closely with Luka Marendaz, currently Business Developer Sport, and they will share the market as follows:

  • Luka will be the referent for all Football and VAR projects in the world.
  • Malik will ensure the commercial development of all other sports (basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, rugby…) in Europe and South America.


Why Malik join us? 

“The perspective to share my sales experience combining it with my passion for sports has been a key factor. I will really work hard to improve the working conditions of athletes and supporting staff such as coaches, analysts and medical team!” 

Beyond his passion for sport in general, Malik brings to the team a strong expertise in the field of Business Development applied to Innovation and the creation of new markets.

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