The German Wrestling Federation won over by Vokkero Squadra

For the first time in the history of this sport, a communication system, Vokkero® Squadra, was tested by this Federation during its Championship which took place last month on 09 and 10 January 2016).

Real-life tests enabled these professionals to measure the incredible effectiveness of the Vokkero® Squadra communication system dedicated to refereeing in noisy environments, as was the case in these packed rooms.

All the referees recognized the considerable help they were given by Vokkero® Squadra, especially because not everything can always be seen by one person. Sometimes the referee off the mat has a better viewing angle than his counterpart on the mat.
This actually happened during the semi-final when the referee off the mat was able to signal to the referee on the mat immediately, using Vokkero® Squadra, that one of the wrestlers was bleeding badly. 
Vokkero® Squadra also enables them to clearly understand the instructions given to the wrestlers by the referee.

Antonio Silvestri, head referee of United World Wrestling (UWW) and International Affairs expert to the German Wrestling Championship even told Cadir Caliskan (cf. Ringer Bundesliga website) that adopting the communication system could make an enormous improvement to the immediate signalling of injuries or faults.

“We are going to write a report as a consequence and send it to the UWW (United World Wrestling), of course hoping that after this weekend, it will receive an equally positive response,” he added.

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