Launch of “VIRTUAL SEAT” out-of-venue solution, to experience the game as if you were at the stadium, from the comfort of your home!

VOGOSPORT expands its offering with its out-of-venue “Virtual Seat” solution for sports federations, leagues, clubs, event organisers, rights holders and broadcasters. 

The new service addresses the needs of sports industry players who, to withstand the current health crisis, have to reinvent themselves, be ready for potential after-shocks and provide economic stakeholders in the sports economy new sources of revenue.


COVID-19: an unprecedented impact on the sports industry 

The effects of the Covid-19 health crisis were felt immediately by the sports industry with major national and international sporting being shut down or postponed as the epidemic spread. In addition to broadcasting rights which weigh upon club budgets, the industry continues to suffer heavy revenue losses (ticketing, advertising campaigns, merchandising, etc.) across the disciplines. As an indication, the economic impact of the crisis is estimated to have cost League 1 and 2 clubs €400m for the 2019-2020 season (source: KPMG Football Benchmark – excluding the impact on the transfer market). 

As lockdown measures are gradually lifted, the French government has authorised professional training to resume for team sports clubs, and will reopen stadiums and racetracks from 11 July with a limit of 5,000 spectators. 


A recovery underway… but a necessity: reinvention 

The easing of measures to contain Covid-19 is opening the way to recovery, with very encouraging signs for VOGO’s activity. But the return to normal will be gradual and the possibility of a future crisis means that today the world of professional sports must reinvent their practices, the fan experience, broadcasting channels for events and economic models, which until now have been the norm. 


“Virtual Seat”: an innovative solution for enjoying a live experience outside the stadium 

VOGO is seeking to be at the centre of this transformation in which new technologies play a decisive role. This is the premise of the new “Virtual Seat” offering for federations, clubs, events organisers, rights holders and broadcasters. 

With this new solution, fans can now attend competitions, which would be held behind doors with very limited access, from outside the stadium, using their devices (smartphone, tablets, etc.) to stream the cameras filming the events in real time. All the features behind the success of VOGOSPORTS’ historical in-stadia service * are available: 

Benefits for fans:

  • Live multi-camera to choose your favourite angle of view
  • Instant replay to review a selected action at any time.
  • Slow motion, zoom, frame-by-frame viewing to be at the heart of the action
  • Slow motion, zoom, frame-by-frame viewing to be at the heart of the action

The solution is an innovative way to meet subscriber needs and engage its community of supporters. 

* available on iOs  and Google Play  stores.


Driving fan engagement and loyalty, and creating new sources of revenue for economic stakeholders in the sports economy 

Thanks to this solution, sports industry players can give their spectators an innovative alternative to in-stadia attendance, allowing fans to continue to enjoy their passion. 

Customer benefits are multiple:

o Engaging the fan community who cannot attend the event in the sports venue,

o Second screen that can be used in addition to traditional broadcast channels or as a standalone media for events that are not re-broadcast. 

o Exclusive and innovative service for subscribers

o Simple and ergonomic monetization: The fan buys his “VIRTUAL SEAT” through the in-app purchase mode integrated into the solution

o Greater visibility for partner brands thanks to the insertion of logos and sponsored videos. 

“Virtual Seat” confirms VOGO’s agility and leading role to assist economic stakeholders in the sports world through the deep transformation of their industry, while fully harnessing the opportunities of new technologies. The solution can also be used in other markets, such as the performing arts, which too have to rethink their tradition models. 

Download in PDF version the official press release of June 30, 2020.

Are you an event organizer and would like more info about the VIRTUAL PLACE out-of-venue solution? Please contact us.



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