Protecthoms, specialist of the protection, hygiene and safety of people at work, a team of 60 business developers is at your disposal to present your our Vokkero GUARDIAN wireless communication systems.

We are all enthusiastic about the product that is proving itself during customer’s demonstration.The Vokkero GUARDIAN brings innovative solutions to communicate in noisy industrial environments while working hands-free”, M. Bender, Protecthoms.

Protecthoms will enable, through the network of these 10 agencies and 10,000 active customers, to leverage the promotion of the Vokkero Guardian system in addition to our already existing distribution network, J. BARI, Business Developer Vokkero.

Vokkero now relies on a network of nearly 30 distributors dedicated to the commercialization of its Vokkero communication system in the sectors of industry, construction, nuclear, audio Pro,… in more than 200 countries.

Discover all our resellers :

Protecthoms in numbers:

  • 60 commercial
  • 10,000 active customers
  • 10 agencies
  • 33M € turnover / year

Trained since September 5th, you can contact them now!

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