Nicolas Bérejny, World Downhill Champion at Sestriere

Indeed, our famous Paralympic alpine skiing champion was offered the highest step on the podium when he won the downhill event at the World Para-Alpine Championships that took place from 15 to 23 January 2011 at Sestriere in Italy.

We are reminded that this is the 3rd season Nicolas Bérejny has been sponsored by ADEUNIS RF who provided him with the Vokkero® brand’s wireless communications system VOK-SNOW. This system enables this blind skier to communicate instantaneously and continuously with his guide during events, whilst retaining total freedom of movement.

Nicolas Bérejny is aware of the headlines. He was the only French gold medalist at the Paralympic Games in Vancouver, guided on that occasion by Grégory Nouaud. Sophie Troc, who is usually at his side, had been injured. It was this duo, equipped with the VOK-SNOW system, who launched themselves onto the downhill slope. Their victory was confirmation that they were able to communicate with each other perfectly.

A huge Bravo to this team, for whom we hope to hear the Marseillaise ringing out on many other occasions this season.

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