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Since its creation, VOGO has participated in several motor races in several different countries!

Indeed, the story between VOGO and motorsport began in Ledenon for the 2nd stage of the 2014 GT Tour in partnership with STOP & GO and MATABLETTE.COM.

STOP & GO, as TV producer of the GT Tour, had organised the capture and production of the flows, via its regulated buses. MATABLETTE.COM had provided organizers and VIP stands with tablets equipped with the VOGO SPORT app. allowing visitors to follow all the images of the circuit and instantly replay the best moments, at normal speed or in slow motion.

Two years later, VOGO reiterates its experience in the automotive world at the Grand Prix de Pau 2016, a major event in French motor racing. On this occasion, the spectators had the opportunity to watch live the videos of the TV cameras, but also the exclusive images captured by the circuit’s surveillance cameras. Finally, inedites images of the paddock were also available! “, explained Barbara DESMAREST, VOGO’s sales manager.

The company then flew to London for the Formula E London race where VOGO made its solution available to spectators in the VIP stands dedicated to VIRGIN for the last stage of the 2015 – 2016 season! Heading further south in 2017, where the VOGO SPORT Live & Replay allowed Formula E Marrakech professionals to benefit from the system’s features…To be continued.

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