Optimization of communication at COLAS SUISSE

Maintenance of electrical networks or underground pipe systems, replacement or repair of existing underground infrastructures… most construction work in urban environments have some degree of risk of injury.

Today, companies such as Colas Switzerland specialize in trenchless excavation which enables work to be carried out without having to open up the street. However, some constraints exist which are inherent to the profession that can represent a real risk for people working on site.

For teams working on drilling or blasting, high noise levels can make communication diffi cult. The problem becomes greater when visibility is limited. It is essential that the operators be able to coordinate their positions so that complete accuracy is maintained.

The Colas Suisse teams selected the VOK-ENG communication system from VOKKERO™ to overcome all these issues.

Legend photo no. 1: Replacement of pipes by bursting.

– A full-duplex (audio conference) communication solution, set up in a few seconds and requiring no prior installation or base station.
– Totally hands-free, which allows equipment to be operated and work to be completed without the distractions typically associated with the other communication systems.
– Extremely clear communication thanks to the Vokkero noise fi lter, ensuring maximum sound quality, even in a noisy environment.
– Reduction of risks, optimization of communication, enhanced effi ciency.

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