SAFE INNOV and VOGO join forces for the LVSL*

With the abandonment of chemical weeding in favor of manual land clearing, it has become essential for all railway companies, such as SNCF Réseau, to further strengthen the safety of their personnel working along the tracks.

In response to this need, SAFE INNOV, sister company of My Angel PTI-DATI expert in Protection des Travailleurs Isolés (PTI**), innovates and designs a virtual barrier to be temporarily installed near the tracks: the LVSL, a patented solution made in France .



How does it work ?

This cable, a real luminous lifeline, alerts the wearer if he is too close to the cable, and thus too close to the danger zone. A proximity sensor, worn on the ankle or via an overshoe clip by the personnel allows the information to be transmitted to them via a ringtone and a vibration.

Setting up an LVSL is brief (15 minutes to secure 100 meters), simple (no calibration is necessary) and does not require any particular logistics.


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What are the benefits of using an additional radio communication solution?

The sound signal from the sensor can be transmitted directly via the VOKKERO GUARDIAN communication system, very convenient on noisy, extensive or risky sites.

Thanks to this noise-canceling communicating headset, wearers benefit from a patented noise filter within the VOKKERO technology that attenuates all surrounding noise pollution. GUARDIAN radios make it possible to communicate very naturally over a distance of more than 1200 meters as a team and with great comfort (communication is full duplex, permanent, unlike walkie-talkies no manipulation is necessary). The system can be paired with different hearing protectors and headsets.



For what purposes?

 The LVSL equipment is approved and deployed by the SNCF and therefore perfectly adapted to railway operations, but it is also very useful for preventing accidents for professionals in many sectors working near risk areas: hoppers, trenches, dangerous machines and construction machines, traffic lanes, electrical risks, logging, etc.


* The Luminescent Life and Safety Line (LLSL).

** Lone Worker Protection (LWP).


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