Safety above all at Bouygues Construction

Bouygues Construction has incorporated our Vokkero® Evo3 radio communication systems into the management of its equipment for safety and ergonomic reasons.

Management of a Bouygues Construction equipment depot (purchase, servicing, despatch to sites), involves a great deal of handling; handling carried out using forklifts or tower cranes (80% of the time depending on the work involved).

Teams (slingers, crane operators) must be able to communicate with each other easily during these handling operations.

But portable systems previously tested by Bouygues Construction were not satisfactory: 
•Time wasting in handling.
•Lack of attention on the part of a colleague more concerned about pressing a button than by the manoeuvre in progress …

This led Bouygues Construction to look for an adequate communication system to fulfil a single objective: both hands free when handling equipment for safety reasons (ergonomics, 100% colleague attention during handling operations).

Full scale testing of the Vokkero® system was carried out during a week in outdoor and indoor environments, on a handling site comprising two cranes and a paint booth.

For Olivier Lancelevee, Operating Workshop Manager, the results of these tests were very conclusive:

  • No break in transmission or reception to be complained about with the Vokkero® communication system, unlike competitors’ products.
  • Communication is clear because the Vokkero® system ensures good extraneous noise filtration (opening/closing of doors, fans in the paint booth, interior enclosure, etc.).
  • Ownership of the Vokkero® system by the handling teams barely took a few days. They had to get used to the radio system.
  • Finally and above all, the full duplex aspect of the Vokkero® system 200% fulfilled our initial objective which was for our teams to have their hands free permanently and to be able to interrupt a colleague at any time and instantaneously.


Finally the Vokkero® kits were purchased and will from now on be offered for hire on Bouygues Construction sites, initially for testing purposes and to define a standard kit for sites with a view to future deployment.

Are you looking for a radio communication system for the construction industry?

If you work in the construction industry, then you must know that communication must not leave anything to chance! Indeed, whether it is on a building site, or for a place where radio communication cannot be done with a classic radio terminal, you must do everything to achieve your goals so that the project is carried out as soon as possible… Thus, with VOKKERO and its devices perfectly adapted to radio communication for the construction industry, you will find a great ally!

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