SEC Not the Only College Football Crew to use Vokkero!

Division 3 Referee, Aaron West of Jacksonville, FL and a referee in the Centennial Conference wanted in as an early adopter.

Below are some of Referee West’s appraisals of the Vokkero Officiating Communication System.

“The system far exceeded my expectations. Any brief distraction that there was to learn the system was gone within a couple of series. Even people who only used it once were fully on board with it by the end of the first half. I found that with the regular users, when they rotated away and did not have the system, they genuinely missed it. It clearly enhances the precision of the game and the speed of administration. My average game time fell approximately 21 minutes, and I believe this is exactly due to the speed and clarity of communications Vokkero provided. Toward the end of the season, those who routinely used it moved from it being a static system between plays, to speaking and officiating and communicating during play. This, I think, was the most amazing surprise as it allowed real time interaction that clearly helped the game.”

West went on to add, “Overall, my appraisal of the system is that it is a great and easily learned system.This system is the real deal and I can clearly demonstrate a statistical impact to the good on the game, as well as the more qualitative improvement in officiating, mentoring, and coaching.”

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