Better safety for line staff, thanks to Vokkero EVO3

 A major Electricité de France distribution company buys Vokkero® EVO3 kits for its maintenance teams.

Due to the major environmental constraints – working outside, wind, bad weather, noise, working at height – maintenance work on electricity pylons is always difficult.

Line staff work on very high voltage lines, 35 – 40 metres above the ground. Focussing on their tasks, they need their hands free. Despite the demanding working conditions, they must be able to understand their supervisor and other team members clearly in order to avoid mistakes and not to put themselves in danger.

Our Vokkero® EVO3 system was tested while changing a 63,000 volt cable on pylons in an area located near to a motorway exit (A4). Despite the noise of the spooler, winch, crane, nacelle and lorries on the motorway, etc., everyone involved was able to work calmly because they understood each other perfectly thanks to Vokkero®’s noise filter.

“The lads didn’t need to shout to makes themselves understood. They could talk quietly, something they’re not used to! And that keeps things calm … To such a point that now they always take it with them to sites”, says P.L., Supervisor for this Electricité de France distribution company. And continues: “As well, with the shut-off button (microphone mute), the supervisor can talk to other people even if he is on the site. That’s a real benefit”.

A matter worth monitoring.

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