Strengthening synergies with our partner IDEALEX specialized in nuclear market

IDEALEX has been an expert for thirty years in the design and manufacture of radiation protection equipment in the nuclear industry. The new VOKKERO GUARDIAN radiocommunication system, released in 2017, adapted to industry and particularly to the nuclear industry, quickly convinced them because of its ease of deployment, its audio quality and its full duplex function (microphone open permanently) as well as its patented noise filter.

What are the challenges of the nuclear industry?

Interventions in the nuclear sector must be supervised in compliance with the safety rules for workers and facilities so as not to exceed the level of exposure linked to the radiological risk. In the prevention of occupational risks, radiation protection is the area where the precautionary principle ALARA “As Low As Reasonably Achievable” was applied for the first time. This is one of the basic principles of protection against ionizing radiation.

What are the solutions to protect from radiation?

This principle has led us to propose a solution to reduce exposure times which results in improved communication between operators and supervisors. These interventions often require the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment, such as respiratory suits, hoods or masks, which makes communication almost impossible, hence the deployment of VOKKERO audio communication system.


Over the last 15 years, IDEALEX has equipped the majority of nuclear players at national level, and VOKKERO has become a reference in radio communication systems, especially for EDF, but also ORANO, FRAMATOME, CEA, and all service providers in charge of maintenance and interventions in nuclear facilities.

Proof of the confidence granted over all these years and boosted by obtaining its ISO9001-2015 certification, IDEALEX now integrates the support of the After-Sales Service of our voice systems within their premises, such as repairs, replacement of warranted parts, technical support etc.

What’s next?

For 15 years, we have also been working closely together to develop solutions for extending radio conferencing over unlimited distances and across all physical obstacles.

Nuclear players particularly need reliable, ergonomic, high-quality communication solutions that meet safety requirements.

Solutions such as VOKOVER IP, communication via an existing IP network, and VOKOVER PHONE, communication via a mobile phone connected to a VOKKERO GUARDIAN using Bluetooth, make it possible to meet these needs.

Henri RIPOLL, CEO of IDEALEX: “The partnership for more than 10 years with a French manufacturer such as VOKKERO shows all the relevance of the association between technical mastery and knowledge of a need in demanding markets and industries, the human commitment and the sizes of our VSEs (Very Small Enterprises) confirm once again, alone we go faster, together we go further!

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