Success of the VOKKERO GUARDIAN STAFF range

⎟ Extract of the Presse release, 17th December, 2019 I

VOGO announces today the success of its VOKKERO GUARDIAN STAFF product range, just a year since its market launch.


To date, VOKKERO GUARDIAN STAFF audio communications system dedicated to sport coaches, video analysts and medical teams has been adopted by more than 40 professional football and rugby clubs among the most prestigious in Europe (Juventus, Bayern Munich, Olympique Lyonnais, Stade Français, Racing 92, etc.).

With the clear complementarity of audio and video offers, the extensive customer references that have chosen VOKKERO® will contribute to accelerate the penetration of VOGO SPORT video solutions on the professional sports market. As a reminder, the VOGO SPORT PRO solution is already used by all Top 14 and Pro D2 rugby clubs for the purpose of monitoring concussive head trauma. The first commercial successes of the VOGO SPORT video offer achieved in professional football over the recent months (announced in December 12, 2019 press release) depict the commercial synergies expected by the Group.

In 2020 and as announced at the time of the acquisition of the VOKKERO® business, the Group will launch an offer combining video and audio allowing it to accelerate its gain in market share in the world of professional sport.

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