Surfacing workshop: using Vokkero, fine-tuning…

ADEUNIS RF is pleased to announce the release of the Vokkero® system for professionals in the road surfacing sector, and feedback is already looking good.

The days of broken or piecemeal communication between workers are over. The regulator can now conduct the operation with the feeder and the finisher with clear, real-time instructions to his whole team, thanks to the full duplex Vokkero® communications system. Here’s how.

In order to lay a full, even layer of bitumen or tarmac on the road, the convoy is made up of several types of vehicle:
• A finisher
• A bar feeder
• And mixers loaded with the surfacing material, ready to supply the feeder.

By equipping the regulator, the finisher and feeder drivers with Vokkero® radios, they can rest assured that all of their tasks are fully synchronized, the convoy is moving at a steady pace and that safety is never compromised. All of this, hands free.

Despite working in an extremely noisy environment, often louder than 100dB, all of these individuals can, with the help of their high-performance micro-headsets and ear protectors, communicate with each other instantly, clearly and with no difficulty thanks to the Vokkero® system noise filter.

Already in use in public sector construction and maintenance for crack-bridging operations, trenchless works, asbestos removal and in the nuclear maintenance sector, the Vokkero® communications system has once again proved its worth to a new group of professionals. The results speak for themselves.

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