The coxswain Aranka KOPS of the dutch eight (rowing) testifies GUARDIAN STAFF

As part of their training, having a radio communication solution between the coxswain, installed on the stern of the rowing boat, and her coach, located on another boat, is a real assetIt allows to correct the technical errors of the rowers in live and to motivate them to keep a good rhythm.

Thanks to the communication system, the coach can hear the coxswain and especially her interaction with the first rower, which also helps him to understand and adjust the strategy.  

The coxswain can then concentrate on her tasks and manage the direction of the boat. The goal is to do a minimum of distance and maximize the gliding speed. 

Without any communication system, the surrounding noise and the distance would prevent these errors from being corrected immediately. It saves time, where previously it would have been necessary to consult after effort, and therefore improve the performance of the team and staff. 

 During official competitions, communication systems are unfortunately not allowed, but using them for training can make the difference between victory and defeat

Aranka KOPScoxswain: “Thanks to VOKKERO it is very easy to understand my coach, to be able to focus only on the technique that we are trying to improve every day, in every training. We especially appreciate being able to use this communication devicewhich helps us improve our performance.”


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