The Fire and Rescue Service (46, 74 & 34 dept) show VOKKERO radios performances

Testimony of the Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS) 46 (equipped since January 2021) during a boat operator training (COD4):

With 1,000 rivers in the department, 57 of which are over 10 km long, the SDIS of the Lot department must maintain a constant level of training to deal with nautical risks. Thanks to the fleet of boats available to the Fire and Rescue Centers (CIS), the brigades can learn both theory (knowledge of the types of boats/towing vehicles/trailers and the rules of coupling, navigation and safety) and practice (launching, navigation, reconnaissance of flooded areas, rescue and safety rules, etc.).

It is in this practical phase that the use of the VOKKERO GUARDIAN radiocommunication system takes on its full meaning, since on the boat, the sound environment is greater than 100 dB!

Lieutenant Jack de Sousa: “The VOKKERO communication system brings us added value in terms of internal communication on the boat, particularly with this extreme sound environment at over 100 dB. Previously, we had a wired communication system that prevented us from moving around and communicating at the same time. Now we can move around on the boat while communicating with each other, at a distance, without seeing each other and above all the exchanges are natural as in a normal conversation. It gives us more safety even when launching and during navigation, this is essential.

It is impossible to communicate and explain to firefighters what is expected of them in this noisy environment without the VOKKERO GUARDIAN. The reaction to the instructions is immediate, it brings us well-being and relief since we are sure to understand each other. From now on, it seems complicated to me to do without this technology during my training. We have the freedom of movement plus the possibility of communicating, I don’t see how I could do without.”


Testimony of the SDIS 74 (equipped since September 2017) during a chemical emergency response exercise:

When working on a noisy and/or critical industrial site, using a reliable communication system is essential. The Departmental Fire and Rescue Service of Haute-Savoie was looking for a solution that:

  • Filters the voice and eliminates parasitic noise to work in the best conditions, especially in heavy clothing.
  • Allows you to talk and listen without having to touch the device, because once equipped with coveralls and gloves, you can no longer access them. They must be able to concentrate only on their missions and their tools.


Hervé Higonet, Head of the Technological Risks group: “Team communication during an operation is critical, it saves time and makes operations much more efficient. The VOKKERO GUARDIAN system is ideally suited since it detects the voice and eliminates any surrounding sound interference. The sound quality is excellent! Communication is always clear and understandable whether within teams or between different buildings.

Along with the quality and reliability of the audio transmission, the time savings are significant. In the event of a leak, for example, the time saved considerably reduces the spillage of product on the floor and the operation is much faster. To work efficiently in the best conditions and in complete safety, we must be able to forget our radio system. And we forget it…”


Watch their testimony in video: 


Testimony of SDIS 34 (equipped since March 2021) during an emergency response exercise for technological hazard:

Until then, the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service of Hérault had performed technological hazard response exercises without means of radio communication for the teams involved. At the start of 2021, they decided to equip themselves with the VOKKERO radiocommunication system and put personnel safety at the heart of their actions.

Lieutenant Jérôme RAYNAL: Today, thanks to this communication system, we are in constant contact with our teams and ready to react to the slightest problem. We forget it because it has the advantage of being small, hanging inside the outfits, and does not require any action for it to work thanks to the “full duplex” (microphone open permanently) and to its hands-free function.

In terms of comfort, we appreciate it because of its audio quality but also the choice of different ear adapters: both external in the hollow of the ear, or internal in the ear canal (it all depends on the user’s preference).

Finally, the system makes it possible to adapt the audio conference according to the operation via Group mode. This is particularly useful during an operation with independent working teams, because they don’t disturb each other while remaining in contact with the outside, but also on a “mass decontamination” site where all the leaders of sectors PRV, UMD and COLLECTION can communicate on the same group. In this system, we have found a way to achieve excellence in terms of safety for our staff involved, but also to save time on operations, thanks to its increased responsiveness.

You want to know more about the solutions proposed by VOKKERO for civil security?

As a professional in civil security, whether you are a firefighter or not, you must use radio communication equipment adapted to your mission. Thus, with the radio communication equipment for civil security proposed by VOKKERO, you will be able to achieve your objective.

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