The French Motorcycle Federation convinced by Squadra

 The French Motorcycle Federation used our Vokkero® Squadra communication systems for referees during the European Motoball Championship of Nations held in Kuppenheim in Germany from 20 to 25 May 2015.

Tthe French referees benefited from our Squadra systems. They refereed 8 matches out of 20 including the Germany – Russia final. Their feedback was excellent.

To referee the 8 matches of the European Championship of Nations, the French delegation was composed of two linesmen, two pitch referees equipped with our Squadra systems and an Observer, clarifies the FFM’s President of the Motoball Commission, Mrs Reschko-Jacquot.

” Using the system is very easy and the autonomy is excellent. As for the noise filter, it covers the sound made by the motorbikes perfectly, proving its effectiveness. As they see the match from different angles, the two pitch referees, who now communicate with each other easily during matches thanks to the Vokkero® Squadra system, can inform the other about fouls or inconsiderate behaviour not seen by one of the referees… They no longer feel on their own, in fact, quite the contrary. A referee has a quarter of a second to make a decision and errors are not an option. In the end, the Vokkero® Squadra system increases “their field of vision of the game” and reinforces their decision making. It permits the improvement of the quality of refereeing, but not just that “.

According to Mrs Reschko-Jacquot, another use of the Vokkero® Squadra system could be for referee training. This training is important and requires a lot of learning: trainees need to learn how to position themselves correctly on the field, get used to how motorbikes perform in the game area, understand fouls or refereeing advice immediately… Tests to this end were organised on 06 and 07 June by the French Motorcycle Federation …

The next European Motoball Championship of Nations will be held in the Netherlands from 26 to 31 July 2016. In two years time it will be in France. We can be sure that by then, other referees will have had the opportunity to test and adopt our Vokkero® Squadra system.

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