The French SDIS are more and more to adopt the VOKKERO communication kit!

Whether for the requirements of the GRIMP (Grouping of Recognition and Intervention in Perilous Environments) or those of the CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) cells, the VOKKERO GUARDIAN has been able to meet their expectations.


Although a communication device is above all a powerful tool for the success of operations, it allows the personnel involved to remain in constant contact and thus to increase their personal safety and efficiency. Pairs can work together, help each other and alert each other to any imminent danger. 

Warrant Officer Raynal Jerome of the CBRN service of the SDIS 34 testifies:

We chose it above all to ensure the safety of our teams.

Our specifications were that each pair could talk to each other and that the “master”, who stays at the vehicles, could hear the two pairs and interact with them in real time.

Thanks to VOKKERO products, we have solved the security problem. We are more efficient and autonomous. The teams can make their requests for equipment and facilitate the work of the following teams while avoiding going back and forth. It’s a light system, secure in terms of communications and requiring no handling to talk thanks to the fullduplex mode.


Captain David PICARD, Technical Adviser of Chemical Risks of SDIS 47 tells us:

“My teams are particularly satisfied with this new communication system compared to the F1 helmet headband we used before. The VOKKERO GUARDIAN offers us a great autonomy, but also a great comfort of use as it does not require any manipulation for the transmission and reception. It is a very relevant system because of the range it offers and the possibility of organizing conversations into several groups. » 

Here is the list of SDIS equipped, on 1st november 2020, with the VOKKERO communication equipment:

  • SDIS 76: training center and CBRN cell
  • SDIS 74: CRBN cell
  • SDIS 83: CRBN cell
  • SDIS 58: CRBN cell
  • SDIS 69: CRBN cell
  • SDIS 02: CRBN cell
  • SDIS 71: CRBN cell
  • SDIS 42: CRBN cell and GRIMP
  • SDIS 34: CRBN cell
  • SDIS 47: CRBN cell

Our sales team and our distributors specialized in radiocommunication are at your disposal to help you in your project.

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