The role of communication headsets for technical teams

A headset is a combination of an earphone and a microphone that is connected to an intercom. It is an event organizer supply that helps technical teams work more efficiently. Using a professional radio communication system with Bluetooth compatibility is crucial for the technicians and the management team in cultural events and audiovisual productions.

Communication headsets are important tools for coordinating event technical teams by providing real-time communication that ensures seamless collaboration. A professional intercom for events like VOKKERO SHOW ensures:

  • instant updates from every technician,
  • quick troubleshooting in case of problems,
  • clear direction from the event’s directors or producers…

For technical teams, the intercom system offers the ability to contact colleagues and address technical issues promptly to receive immediate instructions. That contributes to the smooth execution of the event. Wireless event communication radios or festival walkie-talkies come with features like long-range coverage, customization for specific needs, hands-free operation… 

Users can communicate freely while working on the set of a festival or any other cultural event. In noisy environments, VOGO offers a professional pack, including a full duplex intercom with ear protection and noise-cancelling features.

VOKKERO SHOW, a professional solution for technical teams

VOGO is a specialist in audiovisual solutions and accessories dedicated to technical teams in cultural events, sports events, TV broadcasts, TV Shows… The company offers various technical team supplies including intercoms, microphones, headsets, earpieces, hearing protection…

The VOKKERO SHOW is a professional radio communication system with earphones and microphones used in different environments. The wireless full duplex regular show intercom is built with specific features for technical crews in cultural events and audiovisual productions or live shows.

In barely 3 minutes, event organizers can enable instant conferencing thanks to predefined configurations. Without any fixed installation, the hand-free wireless radio system enables clear and intelligible communications to enhance productivity and safety. 

One of the best features of the multichannel walkie-talkie is the group mode. It allows technical teams of any event to create discussion subgroups. The crew coordination is easier with this simple deployment radio communication system compatible with any wired existing system.

Full duplex communication tailored to specific technical teams needs

To choose the right intercom with headsets, team audiovisual techniques must take the details of their specific event into account. They study the environment and the way the headsets will be used. There are many key parameters:

  • level or noise,
  • type of event (indoor or outdoor),
  • number of the intercom system users,
  • distance between technicians…

The best option is to select a high-quality radio communication system that is suitable for a wide range of cultural events and audiovisual productions. This is exactly what sets our walkie-talkies apart. VOKKERO SHOW is a full-duplex transmission equipment with a bidirectional line to move data in both directions simultaneously. It means that users can listen to their colleagues but also talk to them for more efficient communication. 

Our audio solution is designed to combine simplicity, adaptability, and performance. The device implementation is very fast, and it can be adapted to any situation.

The VOKKERO SHOW has already been picked by many enterprises specializing in event solutions because of its capacity to adapt to customer challenges and needs. Event organizers can use it to coordinate lighting designers, sound engineers, choreographers, and everyone implicated in the smooth running of the cultural event. Feel free to compare the provided solutions on the market and to have a look at our products in stock, at the best price.

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