The use of Vokkero…

Developed for security industry professionals, VOK-SAFE is THE solution that meets the needs and constraints of the PTS as well as those of the CMIC (a mobile chemical intervention unit) and the DSC (the emergency services department).

The VOK-SAFE system ensures fast, clear and continuous communications. Its hands-free design and dedicated accessories are especially suitable for use while wearing breathing masks and protective overalls, both essential items in high risk areas.
Arson, technological accidents or risks of attack (industrial, nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical) are just some of the assignments faced by agents of CONSTOX (the department responsible for reporting on toxic environments) who have to carry out searches for evidence in hostile and contaminated environments.

In environments such as these, the dependability and quality of communications between those involved is vital. 
The PTS have been using VOK-SAFE for nearly a year, confirmation of its effectiveness as a communications system for use in a hostile environment.

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