Quality maintenance for satisfied Federations

In the field of professional refereeing, each year Vokkero®’s maintenance team gets to work to guarantee a quality service for federations that request it, like the German and Italian Football Federations and UEFA.

The maintenance team has set itself an ambitious goal: to carry out a full check of the kits and accessories used by Elite, 1st and 2nd category referees, and at the end of the session, to return to them updated Vokkero® communication systems in perfect working order.

“Don’t worry, we take care of everything”; this is the message our Vokkero® team gives to the referees and staff of the various federations once on site, even if their mission is sometimes a little tricky. Illustration.

UEFA organizes 2 congresses each year: one in the winter, in Cyprus this year (Athens and Rome in the previous 2 years), the other in summer at UEFA headquarters in Switzerland. This is an opportunity for European referees (about 150 of them) to meet to be trained, assessed, etc. and for the Vokkero® team to upgrade their kits in record time.

* 32 kits upgraded in two days: a mission conducted smoothly at the start of this year (01 to 04 February) in Cyprus by three Adeunis RF employees; a complex mission comprising a software upgrade (linked to the transition from 6 to 8 Squadra users with GLT), a hardware inspection (checking the connectors, etc.), restoration to operational state and testing of the kits for each referee.

Two other maintenance operations have already been scheduled for this year: one for the German Football Association at the end of June/beginning of July and the other for UEFA in the month of August. This means Adeunis RF mobilizing from 2 to 5 people for a period of 3 to 4 days, including travel; a not inconsiderable commitment …

This work is greatly appreciated by these sports organizations and is being emulated: other federations are considering asking for the same thing … In the final analysis, the guarantee for their referees that all will go well on the pitch!

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