Use of Vokkero by teams specialising in sealing bitumen roads

The company Pittet-Chatelan SA, a Swiss subsidiary of the Colas Group, which has specialised in road surfacing for over 50 years throughout French-speaking Switzerland, has chosen the Vokkero® radio communication system in order to boost the safety of its teams when they are working on filling in cracks.

To successfully carry out this work, a 3-person team is required. The 1st person, in front of the melting machine, is in charge of the hot air pipe, while the other 2, who are positioned behind, respectively take care of the filling and sanding pipes.

The team members face the situation that even when they are in each others’ vicinity, it is impossible to speak normally due to a combination of the deafening noise coming from the melting machine (110 decibels) and road traffic noise. Under these circumstances, how can they warn each other of a movement of the machine or a hazard arising in the vicinity of the worksite?

The Vokkero® system was chosen as a response to these issues.

Indeed, using a system enabling instantaneous ongoing communication enables isolation to be broken down and the work to be carried out under completely safe conditions.

The patented noise filter provides optimal hearing quality and provides the assurance of dialogue that is clearly audible.

Lastly, its hands-free function enables users to speak instantaneously without handling the device, thereby enabling better concentration a their work stations.

The immediate advantages noted were an increase in the teams’ efficiency and output, and greater staff safety.

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