VOGO at The Evian Championship 2019


For the 4th consecutive year, VOGO SPORT is a partner of the prestigious Evian Championship! Golf enthusiats will be able to live an immersive experience, in a summer and festive atmosphere…


The Evian Championship, the major date for the elite in women’s world golf

Created in 1994 by Antoine and Franck RIBOUD, The Evian Championship is today the only stage of the Grand Slam of continental Europe. It welcomes the 120 best players in the world on one of the most beautiful courses in France! The 25th edition takes place from 25 to 28 July 2019 in Evian-les-Bains (France).

One year after Angela STANFORD’s victory, what does this anniversary edition have in store for us? Among others: 2 new offers dedicated to holidaymakers, an overall prize purse now 4.1 million dollars, or even a new route with the 13 shortcut in par 4 and the 18 transformed in par 5… A spectacular finish that you can enjoy with VOGO SPORT, since The Evian Championship has chosen to renew this partnership for the 3rd time! A quick look at the previous edition?

VOGO SPORT at The Evian Championship (French version)

VOGO SPORT, an ideal technology for large outdoor events

At the start of a golf competition, spectators usually gather around the fairway. But as the athletes move away towards the green and then from one hole to another, it becomes more and more difficult to follow them… And the Evian-les-Bains course is 5,935 metres long! The VOGO SPORT Live & Replay solution addresses precisely this problem common to large outdoor events.

The VOGO SPORT solution allows The Evian Championship spectators, comfortably seated in the hospitality areas, to watch the tournament live and from different angles. At any time, they can review an action, such as a beautiful hole in one or the exit of a plugged ball in a bunker. They can also use zoom and slow-mo functions. They thus become “spectActors” of the event!

On site, the VOGO SPORT Live & Replay service is available via 4 touch screens installed in Société Générale Tents, Skyboxe Société Générale, Skyboxe Ricoh, Terrace du 5 and Innovation Playground.

VOGO SPORT Premium service (French version)

So, ready to “enter” the tournament?

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