VOGO finalises today the acquisition of the Vokkero® business

VOGO finalises today the acquisition of the Vokkero® business!

An international reference provider of audio communication systems for professional sports.

VOGO is pleased to announce the finalisation today of its acquisition of the Vokkero® business, a key international reference in audio communication systems for professional sports, the industry and services sectors.


Christophe Carniel, VOGO co-founder and CEO says:

“We are delighted to announce the finalisation of our acquisition of Vokkero®. The success of this transaction was strategically important to us on several counts. Vokkero® will help ramp up our expansion in the sports sector. Our complementary range of audio and video solutions will enable us to leverage the growth potential in our markets. We also stand to unlock substantial sales synergies, particularly abroad, thanks to the proven experience brought by Vokkero®’s teams in France and the US and its wide-reaching network. Finally, and this is a key factor for us, the new talent joining our Group share our values and are already fully mobilised towards ensuring the success of our joint project. This is the beginning of a new adventure, one we are convinced will lead to even fastergrowth!”


Former ADEUNIS Chief Executive, Pascal Saguin, becomes Deputy CEO of VOGO Group:

“I have been involved in the development of Vokkero’s® products for nearly 15 years now, helping with enthusiasm to turn it into a well-known brand in the sports, industry and services sectors. It is with this very same enthusiasm that we are joining VOGO today, at a time of accelerating growth in which our combined strengths will open up tremendous opportunities”, he says.


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