The next INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM, entitled “Sports: return to play after concussion. Scientific data, review and prospects.“, will take place on 9th and 10th November 2018 at Marcel-Michelin stadium in Clermont-Ferrand, France. This year, VOGO is sponsoring the event, organised by ASM Events (Rugby club).



“Concussion and its consequences on the health of players have become a major problem in rugby, as in many other team and individual sports. There is a global research program, Omnisports, on the topic that was reviewed at the Berlin Consensus Conference in October 2016. Based on the conclusions of the Berlin conference and on experiences and research, the SYMPOSIUM INTERNATIONAL will try to establish the conditions for the return to play after a concussion.”


VOGO, “Silver” sponsor of the INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM 2018

With its VOGO SPORT solution, the company offers a “Live & Replay” experience to all types of audiences in sports venues. The system exists in two versions : one for “fans”, to enrich the live content of the matches through the platform, and the another one for “pros”, to facilitate their job.

VOGO feels concerned by players’ health issue. This is why we designed a professional version for medical rugby teams. VOGO SPORT is used here as a tool to assist doctors in their early diagnosis of players’ injuries, especially concussions. The VOGO SPORT system for “pros” has 5  functionalities : video mosaic, tags, frame by frame, recording and video export.

The 5 functionalities of VOGO SPORT for “pros”

Our “pros” tool is trusted by significants rugby stakeholders like the LNR (4-year contract with the National Rugby League until 2021) to cover all Top 14 and Pro D2 Chmapionship matches with 30 professional clubs ; the FFR (French Rugby Federation) with the “Autumn Tour” and other international matches with the French team ; the EPCR (European Professional Club Rugby) for matches in France and abroad for the European Cups in Champions Cup and Challenge Cup.

Therfore, VOGO SPORT is perfectly in line with the theme of this event.


These 2 days of conferences and debates about concussion should bring together 200 participants and 30 various speakers. Rugby will not be the only sport represented; Skiing, boxing and other disciplines will be highlighted around this theme.

A rich program to learn about and discover tomorrow’s solutions for players’ health.

You are not present at this SYMPOSIUM ? Interested in our solutions ? Contact us !

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